runoknows (runoknows) wrote,

I guess I gotta buy a bowling ball

The Runo Knows have been light on the ground.  That's what I get for re-reading two 40K omnibuses.  I'm working on a third one now that's new (the Dawn of War one) and it's better than I expected.

Matt and Cathy went out bowling on Monday night.  There's a BowlAmerica right near by, near 4 P's, and it has $11 all you can bowl from 9 to midnight Sunday through Thursday.  They had so much fun, in fact, on Monday night that Tuesday they went out and bought their own bowling balls.

I went with them last night despite a bit of reluctance due to my wrist.  My wrist, in fact, help up quite well.

At one point I told them that if I managed to beat both of them, I'd buy my own bowling ball.  In the last game, as we squeezed it in just before midnight, I won, rolling a 138 versus whatever the heck they got.

That's also a personal best, not that I've done it that much or anything.

The balls that they got were about $70, including custom drilling.  There was a Steelers bowling ball that you can get at almost twice the price, but you have to order it, and I'm not certain whether or not that's something I actually want to do, drunken jests not withstanding.

Beer and bowling.  Add in cigars and it would've been perfect.

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