runoknows (runoknows) wrote,

almost minus one cat

I usually have my laptop on my bed as I get ready to go to sleep.  Last night Rza decided to knock it off so she could get more attention and the warm spot it leaves.

It then blue screened and wouldn't boot.

Fortunately it's working now.

I've got a Runo Knows to write about here today since I know I haven't been updating often.  I just finished rereading Accelerando by Charles Stross - man, do I love his stuff - and I started Darwinia by Robert Charles Wilson.  I love the feeling you get when you start reading a brand new book full of "what will happen", "what is this world like", and everything else.  That's probably why I read lots of sci-fi.

I've got more to say but it's going Friends Only.
Tags: kittens

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