runoknows (runoknows) wrote,

cookout weekend

It was definitely a weekend of cookouts.  Sure, Saturday I managed to avoid helping move a tree, but Sunday and Monday both were taken up with what ended up being all day cookouts.

Sunday was at a friend's house (basically) across the street.  There were many types of meat, we had a few cigars, there was even a hookah with apple tobacco in it.  Marshall made tiki drinks, I brought a pitcher of whiskey sours and a thing of gin and tonics.

Monday I had a debate - go to the party at Roy's with a lot of people I didn't know, hang out at home, or go see a movie.  Then I got a call about  a party with some of my friends from my kickball team so I decided to go to that.

Pictures follow after the LJ cut...

Eric was being philosophical while Devlin did something...I have no idea what.  I just took the pictures.

While Dyna was busy guarding our roost.

We even had crashers - Mike's roommate randomly showed up!  He'd seen Mike and later Mike's car on the street.  That's a nice phone there, Corey.

Kirsten actually looked at the camera for once while Bryan and Mike hang out in the background.

Carrie says hi while her future in-laws and one of Bryan's fellow Hillary staffers chill out.

Kirsten gets into some kind of conversation with Joanna.

It grows quiet 'round these parts.  In the background, Tony and Amy (if I remember their names correctly).  Nice glittery sunglasses, Corey!

Carrie, Joanna, and Kirsten engage in a roundtable discussion while Slick nurses his beer.  He brought home made lemonicello that was freakin' awesome.

I entitled this pose of Devlin as "Yeah, sure, whatever."  Mike and Eric seem amused by something, however.

Most importantly, the ribs were quite tasty, and after lots of work over a hot grill Bryan finally got some of them.

I kept thinking the dude on the back of the Doritos bag was "Daniel Zombie".  That would've been cooler.

Things not pictured:  Wii Fit played with a beer in the hand, fun with Super Bomberman, and best thing not pictured: me.  That's what I get for having the camera phone!

And now it's back to work time, and the hope that I can dry my liver out a bit...

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