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Had a eye doctor appointment and a physical today.  The former went perfectly, as always, the lasik is holding up perfectly.

The latter was something I hadn't had in quite a while.  Aside from the usual booze lecture, everything else seems fine so far, but we'll see what the tests show.  I had to get a tetanus booster, which means my arm is all sore now.

I also had to fast this morning and thanks to the blood draw decided not to drink.  Which means the delayed hangover kicks in; if you drink before your body kicks out the poisons from the previous drinking, the body delays it, so as to handle it all at once.  Having had a few drinks a few days in a row, sort of, that meant, well, today sucked.

I did accomplish some other things: bought a bowling ball, got the tap handle from Dogfish Head for Matt, got back our cooler from last Sunday's cookout, replaced the lemon and lime juice in my bar fridge.

Tomorrow is a happy hour here at the complex after work; we'll see how that goes.

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