runoknows (runoknows) wrote,

it's been a while

I know, I's been weird and busy.

I can no longer futz around about my health - everything is fine but my cholesterol.  I'm working on that one with a new vengeance and maybe that will help me drop some of these pounds I put on.

A friend of mine was killed last weekend on her bicycle.  That really hurt.  Now Roy and I and Marshall are talking about having a northern Virginia get-together for some of our friends...

Next week is my birthday - I turn 32 on the 2nd.

I've got two Nats game this weekend, one with my parents, and a kickball tournament on Saturday morning.  Scored my first run last night, that was cool.

I've read The Sagan Diaries and Axis recently, and I'm almost through with Spook Country.  I've also got Mathameticians in Love (damn, I can't spell that word), Thirteen, and Halting State.

That last one is written in the second person.  Kind of annoying.

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